Addison’s birth story (3 of 3)

My back was hurting. It didn’t hurt with my first baby. It was hurting really badly during contractions. I didn’t know what to do to handle it. I had Chris push on my back and rub it some. It helped a little, but not much. I was on one knee & one foot in the pool (kind of a weird position, but hey, you do what “feels good” and that felt the best I could think of).  Linda & the assistant weren’t in the room and I didn’t want to have the baby without them. I told Chris to go get them instead of waiting on the next time for them to come check on us. He told them I said I felt like I should push.  They came in the room quickly but calmly. I told her how much my back hurt, and Linda suggested changing positions. I labored for a little while longer, but I was thinking to myself that I didn’t want to go on. Wait! That meant I was in transition! Before I had Samuel I was told that when you feel like you can’t do it anymore it means you are in transition & that you’re almost done! This little fact helped me with Sam’s birth & now it was helping with Addison’s. I had to hear her say it. I looked at Linda & said, “I don’t want to do this anymore”, to which she replied, “That means you’re almost done.” Yes! I heard it. That was good enough for me. I could do it. I knew I could. It was going to happen soon. Linda asked me if I wanted Samuel in the room. I had said before that I’d like him to see her birth, but I knew that he would only distract me & it may scare him to see me in distress (such a sensitive little soul!), so I said no.

I took Linda’s suggestion & tried to change my position to labor better & see if I could get my body to push. I tried to half-lay, half-sit on my side, leaning on Chris, also hoping to possibly sleep on him during the breaks. At one point Linda held up a mirror so I could see Addi’s dark head of hair, but I couldn’t see much, which was a little disappointing. I didn’t really know what I was supposed to see, so that probably had a part to play in the disappointment. I guess I thought she’d be more obvious. I don’t know. I was SO tired. I just wanted to sleep. I really wanted to sleep. I wanted it to be over & cuddle up to my baby & my little boy & my husband and sleep. But that position wasn’t cutting it. I thought I had to push but my back hurt so bad in that position. I was holding back & couldn’t relax at all. I was glad I could recognize this & I told Linda. She said, “Well, maybe you’d be better off in the position that you birthed Samuel in. Weren’t you on your knees leaning over the tub?” I wanted Chris to be able to catch the baby this time so instead of putting my arms around him to be on my knees, they put some soft towels on the side of the tub & I leaned on those, on my knees, with Chris behind me in the pool.  As soon as I got on my knees I heard a “POP!” Oh my goodness! How cool was that? It was my water breaking, and with that came the strong urge to push that I had been waiting for. I pushed. I felt burning. I moaned for the first time. Later Jess told me she heard me from in the other room when I started to moan & she thought it would soon be time. 

I distinctly remember my brain arguing with my body during that moment.

Brain: “Wait! Don’t push too fast. You don’t want to tear. Give yourself time to stretch!”

Body: “Uh, you don’t understand. This baby needs to come OUT!”

Brain: “Don’t you remember getting stitched last time? You really didn’t like it. Give. Yourself. Time.”

Body: “I don’t know… I think I need to PUSH!”

I did end up giving my body some time to stretch, but all in all once I started pushing she was out in 10 minutes.  I didn’t tear (yay! I’m a baby when it comes to stitching “down there”). While I was waiting for her to descend all the way, Linda told me to reach down to feel her head. I have to admit it was pretty cool to feel her head (uh, well, her HAIR that is!) but once again I was expecting to feel a full head but only felt a couple inches of head so I was disappointed again, thinking it would take even longer. However, my disappointment was short-lived. One more big push & I could feel her head coming out! A full head of dark hair, they were saying. Almost done, they were saying. One more push… and at 8:06pm a baby was born into my husband’s strong, yet gentle, arms. He held Addison while I stepped over my cord to sit down & take my precious little girl. She was beautiful. She took a moment, cried, then looked at us. As soon as she was born, someone (I don’t really know who) went to go tell Jess & Samuel to come see the new baby. The look on Samuel’s face when he saw Addison for the first time was priceless. Someone got one picture of him and I am forever grateful to whoever took it (I think the assistant did). He was in awe, a little confused, and very tired. A few moments later, he wiped out on the couch (and Daddy would soon be with him!).

We got out of the tub eventually & onto the bed. The placenta was delivered fairly easily (within 15 minutes I think) and then the cord was cut. I was given a shot of pitocin for the bleeding. Addison nursed really well & we had no problems with that besides figuring out how to latch a newborn on again. She was eventually weighed (9 pounds 5 ounces. I had guessed 8 1/2 pounds or so. She looked a lot smaller than Sam did) & measured (20 3/4 inches. An inch & half shorter than Sam. That’s why she looked so little). She had her first poop (this time I got to change it). It was a wonderful night. My parents got there around 11:30 or so. We introduced her to them & we all went home at about midnight. We were tired, but very joyful. I was in awe of how God had created my body to do what it needed to do. I was proud that I was calm, never once felt like hyperventilating, and very happy that it was an uncomplicated labor & delivery. We had a beautiful, healthy, little baby girl. Addison Faith Chowdhury. It was a miracle. She is a miracle. We did it & it was amazing.


One response to “Addison’s birth story (3 of 3)

  1. P.J.

    that was beautiful…what a wonderful gift God gives us in children…in the midst of pain…when we think we can’t make it any further, the longing of our hearts…the deepest desire arrives and makes all the waiting and pain seem so distant and insignificant compared to the precious gift we hold in our hands

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