I’ve never been a strong student of vocabulary. When in middle school and high school I had this book that associated new vocabulary words to pictures so they would be easier to remember. For instance, “ambivalent” – meaning (in my own words) stuck between trying to decide what to do; unsure which decision to make. There was a word picture of a lady named “Val” in an ambulance not knowing where to go (or something like that. I dunno.). Maybe this is a better one. The word, “appease” – as in pacifying someone, making them happy, etc. There was a picture of a toddler throwing a fit in a highchair, then the mom gave him peas to make him happy (which was totally untrue, cuz if you see it when I try to give MY toddler peas, he’s anything BUT appeased). Anyways, here’s what I’m getting at. I read the word “ascribe” in the Bible a lot. I could kind of tell you what it means, but not completely.  For the fun of it, and to understand Psalm 29 better, I googled the definition & here’s what popped up: “To attribute to, to credit”. So for every time in Psalm 29 where it says “ascribe” I replaced it with the word “credit”. For some reason when I was reading, “Credit to the Lord the glory due his name…” it just made it more powerful for me. He deserves all the glory (by the way, this means “a state of high honor”)! It is due to him, and we need to give him the credit. I need to stop trying to take credit for the good decisions I made that day, or the things I get done, or for “pleasing God”. He is so much bigger than all that, and I need to give him credit – all day!

Questions of the day: Have you been crediting everything to God? Do you constantly remember that he deserves to be put at a state of high honor in your life personally? Are you good at vocabulary?


2 responses to “Ascribe

  1. Chris Chowdhury

    Great post! I doubt I truly give God the credit for what He does. I sometimes tend to take credit for everything and call it taking responsibility when, in actuality, God is on the Throne.

    Am I good at vocabulary? Of course!
    I’m the rhymenosaurus my lyrics are bottomless! (inside joke, sorry)

  2. Cool. It’s so fun to dig up the meanings of words for deeper understanding.
    (My vocab far exceeds my ability to spell!) Love you!

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