The Psalms

I was reading in the book of Psalms today in our Archaeological Study Bible (thanks, TJ & Jess!) and there was a little snippit in the side notes about the Eholistic Psalms. Without getting into all that (cuz I’m not really positive what “all that” is!) I just wanted to share a fun fact. Did you know that Psalm 14 & Psalm 53 are almost exactly word for word the same? I didn’t until tonight. I sometimes think I’m reading what I just read in another chapter, but just thought it was coincidence. Also, Psalm 40:13-17 & Psalm 70:1-5 are almost exactly the same! The main difference is that chapters 14 & 40 have the word “LORD” (translated from Yahweh in Hebrew) more often whereas the chapters 53 & 70 have “God” instead. The little snippit I was telling you about says that maybe when the psalters were writing/transcribing the psalms, the later ones were written at a time where the Jews were hesitant to say or write the name Yahweh out of fear of blaspheming God. In the earlier books it was okay to write or say that name I guess (I always thought they were never allowed to say Yahweh. Guess I didn’t do my research!).  Just thought it was a cool little bit of info. Read the 4 psalms & compare them. It’ll be fun!


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