Forgiveness, Part 2

So remember the post on forgiveness that I wrote a few weeks back? Well I’ve been meaning to follow up on that.  I am glad to say that I still am free of the hurt & have still truly forgiven that person of my past.  But that’s not the type of forgiveness I’m talking about this time.  Let me explain.

Do you ever do anything personally that you regret doing? If you are human (or have ever been one…j/k), you probably have.  Well I do that a LOT. Just ask any member of my household. (Oh no! You know I’m not perfect now!)  I oftentimes “lose it” and get upset at my 2 year old.  He doesn’t even understand why. I even get upset at my 5 month old & tell her to “stop pinching me” or “don’t pull my hair” (I’m not mean, but I still say those words, and does she understand? Of course not.). And I especially make mistakes with my husband. Oh the stories he could tell…

When I make those mistakes, I am not very quick to forgive. If other people offend me, I can get over it fairly quickly, especially if it a small offense. However, when I do something to hurt someone else, I think about it constantly, even after I’ve asked for forgiveness, and even after it is long gone.  So what does that make me? According to my previous post, it makes me hypocritical.  I can forgive others yet I seem to not be able to forgive myself.

So I am asking myself these questions, just as I did before about someone else: Am I worth being forgiven? Am I worth being loved just like I was before I made the mistake? The answer, plain & simple:YES! That’s kinda hard for me to think about cuz I never want to be prideful, but God wants me to know that I am created by Him, loved by Him, and definitely worth everything to Him. And if HE forgives me, then who am I to hold my mistakes/sins against myself? No one.

God, help me to remember to continually give everything to you. When I make mistakes, let me move past them quickly, asking for forgiveness, then forgiving myself as others forgive me and as you have forgiven me. Thank you for your mercy & thank you for showing me that I am worth it. I love you, Lord! Amen.


2 responses to “Forgiveness, Part 2

  1. P.J.

    Ruth, I’d say you’re one of the most authentic people I know. Thanks for keepin’ it real and by the way you are soooooooooooooo worth it.

  2. Thanks for writing this post. You write with grace and real love. I know. You’ve forgiven me so many times and helped me to forgive myself.

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