Divine appointments

Wow. God is so cool. I prayed with Sam today at naptime that we’d be able to share Jesus with someone. As I was praying it, I thought to myself… Wait, we won’t be going anywhere. How can I do that? Oh well. I tucked him in, kissed him, put Addison down for a nap, then went on my way.

I have been trying to sell things to get rid of unnecessary items for our upcoming move to Hamtramck. So I went online, got on craigslist, checked my email, checked my other message board, etc.  Well then I remembered this one email I had sent myself. Someone on craigslist was in “desperate need” of some items for their home. This lady was disabled & unable to buy things or at least pay very much for them. One thing she had listed was a refrigerator. Well we have an extra one so I called her & asked her if she was wanting to buy something or just get one for free. She said she could pay, but just a little. So I told her we had one we were trying to sell, but that we saw her posting & we wanted to give it to her for free if she had a way to come get it. She was a little shocked & said that’d be a blessing to them. We talked for awhile (I hardly ever just start chatting with people from craigslist) and I came to find out that not only is she disabled, but they had to move out of their home (with all their items in it) so they are starting new. And her daughter had cancer & has scoliosis & the lady has at least one other child besides her sick daughter. I told her we had a few other items to possibly give her. Then I told her about my parents’ non-profit organization in NC, how I love to bless others, and then I felt moved to pray for her.

God has really been stretching me lately. I have been slow to obey lately, too, and I feel horrible when I delay my obedience. So I asked her if I could pray with her. She said yes & I prayed blessings & health on them. Not an elaborate prayer, but I know I did what I was meant to do. I SHARED JESUS WITH HER! That “little” prayer I prayed with Sam that I wondered (and doubted) how it would come true, happened! Thank you, Jesus, for that divine appointment. Let there be lots more & help me to continually obey – immediately when asked!


4 responses to “Divine appointments

  1. So cool! I am proud of you. Praying for more of these.

  2. pattyparker

    Wow! God is super cool!

  3. I’m just adding another comment because it changed my name. I kind of like PJ as a code name for comments!

  4. abigailmstall

    wow! what an awesome encounter! God is cool, alright!

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