Another divine appointment!

Wow. I was so excited today that I got to pray with yet another craigslist person on the phone! This time we were buying something from someone, and I had left a message for them. They called back later & said the reason they didn’t answer was because they were at the ICU of the hospital with their son & couldn’t answer their phones. Long story short, their 10-month old son has hydrocephalus (too much spinal fluid in the head/brain) and had to have brain surgery! I said that must be hard & she went on to say that she has a one month old also & 4 other older children. I asked what the son’s name was that had the surgery so I could pray for him and she said Chase. I said, “oh, that’s my pastor’s son’s name!” Anyway, then I asked her if she had the time for me to pray with her on the phone & she agreed. Later when Chris picked up the item we bought, Chris said he’d be praying for Chase. She said, “oh, your wife just prayed for me on the phone!” It was really neat to be able to minister to someone. Who knew craigslist would help me be a light for Jesus!  Don’t forget to take the opportunity to be a light… even when you don’t expect it’ll happen! It’s happened to me 2 times in a row!


4 responses to “Another divine appointment!

  1. I saw the woman’s face. It really did minister to her!

  2. We’ll be praying for that little Chase, too.
    What a wonderful opportunity to share God’s
    love in their pain.
    Love you & missed you guys this weekend.

  3. pattyparker

    that is so so so so cool!!!!

  4. Tera

    That is so awesome to hear Ruth….(I just found your blog) That brought tears to my eyes!!!! This blog is truly inspiring!!!!!

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