In Jesus’ Name

This post is open to not only comments, but suggestions on how to find answers to my questions.  The following questions may seem silly, but I want to ask them cuz I’ve been thinking about them for awhile now.

Why is it that we are so hesitant to believe the Bible?  I keep trying to find something that tells me why NOT to believe verses like John 14:13-14 or John 15:7.  Why do we not believe that if we are doing the will of God, and that God is in us, that when we ask for things in Jesus’ name (which means in accordance to His will – not just a “tag line” at the end of prayer) that it’ll happen? Why do we doubt?

Is it something I’m not understanding because I don’t know the original language & context? Or do we use that as an excuse to not have enough faith to believe it will happen? I’m not into that whole “name it & claim it” – mostly because I don’t think I’m the boss of God.  However, doesn’t God want us to ask in Jesus’ name & see what can happen so that HE can be glorified?

Thank you in advance for any comments and suggestions directing me to the answers to my many questions. Hopefully I’ll get to post a longer blog soon.  Love you all!


2 responses to “In Jesus’ Name

  1. I think you’re understanding God’s word more clearly than most. I’m sure there’s numerous illogical reasons why we are hesitant to trust the very words of God. Perhaps since we view God from a human perspective and because people let us down, we fear God will.
    But I think you’re onto something with your question “doesn’t God want us to ask in Jesus’ name and see what can happen so HE can be glorified?” Oh that more of us would step out with our faith, shaky as it may be, and witness the awe-inspiring greatness of our God at work in our lives. Perhaps our faith would be strengthened. One thing for sure…He WOULD be glorified.

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