A Cool Online Bible

So, I was finally convinced to start reading the Bible through The Message translation. A lot of people at Real Church use it (including Pastor Chilly) and I saw how “cool” it really was. However, I am still a “traditionalist” and like to read the older version(s) as well. A lot of times I read the Bible online so I was going to open up one version in one window, and the other version in another window, to make my own “parallel Bible”. But then I was like, “oh man, that’s going to be a pain in the neck.” So I googled “parallel Bible online” and this site popped up. I am so super stoked. You can pick whatever version(s) you want to compare side by side, then look up whatever book, chapter, etc. that you’re reading & voila! An online parallel Bible – for free! Yeah, well, now I’m gonna go read it. 🙂 Just thought I’d share my discovery with my loved ones. Give it a try!


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