God speaks

Today at our prayer time at Real Church, I found myself (again) blubbering out words upon words, and I was reminded of Ecclesiastes 5:2-3 “…let your words be few.” I felt like I was talking too much, even though it was all “good stuff” I was saying, so I decided to purposefully listen.

God loves to speak to his children. Sometimes I hear God say things & I immediately know what he means – an encouragement, rebuke, warning, something I’m supposed to share with others, etc. But sometimes God speaks to me & I have to wait to see what in the world he means. Tonight I heard 2 specific things. One falls in the first category, one falls in the second.

The first thing I heard is from the 2nd category (unknown meaning yet). It was simply: “Accept”. I don’t know what that means exactly, and I can over-analyze it until I’m blue in the face (and I’m sure you can too!)… Does this mean to accept people regardless of who they are, what they look like, etc.? Does this mean to accept the circumstances I will be in, even if I don’t like them? It could mean so many different things, but all I know is right now I need to remind myself to “accept” as I walk through life in the next few days, weeks, months, possibly years – and I know God will continue to reveal what he means, as long as I’m willing to listen.

The second thing I heard falls into the 1st category – I knew exactly what it meant. It was a reiteration, encouragement, & continuation of what God had spoken to me late last year – “Something great is going to happen.” But this time, as I was smiling & enjoying this encouragement from God, I heard the 2nd part to this statement unfold. “You can’t be lazy. It’s going to take YOU doing something for it to happen.”  Isn’t God cool? He’s going to do great and mighty things through me – us, YOU – this year, but we can’t sit on our lazy butts & expect it to just “happen”. God wants to USE us. It’s going to take WORK. I am humbled that God wants to use me, as imperfect & broken as I am. God is amazing.


One response to “God speaks

  1. I’m blessed to call you my wife. Amazing insight. We will WORK together!

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