Not a baby anymore


I can’t believe my baby is turning one today. This year has been incredible. It started out with the wonderful birth of our daughter, Addison Faith, on January 21, 2008 at 8:06pm (read birth story here). We then started attending Real Church in Hamtramck, MI by commuting over an hour each way every weekend. We then felt God leading us to move here, so we sold our house in a matter of 4-5 months & moved here on August 29, 2008 in faith. Chris commuted back to Toledo for 4 more months, felt God tell him to leave that job without having a new job lined up, so he put in his resignation to quit as of December 24 & got a new job that week, which he started on December 30. We are now on the team here at Real Church and it is amazing.

Just wanted to share God’s faithfulness with you all. Where God leads, He provides. That is SO true. Life with God is never dull & boring. Thank you, Jesus for an amazing year & I’m welcoming 2009 with open arms saying, “Do what you want in us!”

As for Addison’s birthday… I’ll update with a few things she’s doing now that she’s ONE!

  • She says “bah” for bye, “mmm” for “moo” (as in what a cow says), “da” for dad, “ma” for mom, “yeah”, “no”, “nigh nigh” to sleep, & “go”.
  • She signs (in her own way) “more”, “all done”, “dad”, “hi/bye”, “milk” (for nursing).
  • She LOVES her baby dolls & talks to them, rocks them at times, and hugs them a lot.
  • She gives yummy open-mouth kisses & lays her head down on me for hugs.
  • She loves following Sam around, telling him “no” or “yeah” and “arguing” with him (oh, and he doesn’t like it. hee hee).
  • She climbs the FULL flight of stairs in our house without me helping her (although I am always right there just in case).
  • She not only walks real steadily, but also runs, especially when she’s taken one of Sam’s toys & knows he’s about to hit her or scream at her.
  • She backs herself up onto your legs if you’re sitting on the floor so she can sit on your lap.
  • She likes to “read” books – she’ll sit with a book, flip through the pages, and very intently look at them. Then sometimes she’ll eat them.
  • She eats almost anything we give her, although her main dish is still mama milk. She likes: northern, black, and pinto beans, corn, raisin bran flakes, little bits of pulled pork, cheese, fries, cheerios, bread, crackers, apples, & chicken. She’s open to trying anything new, at least a few times.
  • She makes us smile, laugh, and appreciate being parents to her & Sam.

I love my kids. God is so good.

“Thank you, Jesus, for my family. I’m looking forward to what you’re going to do in my children’s lives as well as in my life & Chris’ life this year & beyond. It’s exciting to be able to serve a God like you.”


4 responses to “Not a baby anymore

  1. Wow! What a year! Happy Birthday Addi!

  2. It’s so neat to read this: God truly leads and provides in ways that makes it known that it is his hand and not ours. Make sure you don’t forget this post…this should be a reminder of the goodness of God always.

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  4. otherside7

    May God bless you and your children… :))) … what u wrote is really touching and sweet…

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