God still does miracles!

I’ve been meaning to blog about this but when I get a moment alone at the computer, I forget! So I finally remembered. 🙂

Samuel had been showing signs of sleep apnea for approximately a year. I’d lie awake & hear him breathe heavily, then snore, then eventually stop breathing. I’d count the seconds, waiting for the next breath. 4…5…6…7… Whoa. That was long. One time it was 8…9…10… Yeah. That can scare a mama.

Well, I looked up symptoms of sleep apnea, asked my friends what I should do, read that kids could outgrow it, or that tonsils and/or adenoids need to be taken out, etc. He had several other symptoms – mouth breathing, restlessness while sleeping, excessive perspiring, gasping or snorting while sleeping, and several of my friends suggested I get him tested.

I decided to share my growing concern with my wonderful husband. He prayed with me like he usually does when there’s a concern, and being such an always- faith-filled person (not!) I went right back to worrying & Googling (such a curse at times!).  My husband, on the other hand, being the godly man he is, felt led to fast & pray for him one evening (let me know if you need further explanation of this. I have some good info in an email but can’t link to it.).

A few days later, I suddenly realized that I hadn’t heard all the heavy breathing, snoring, or apnea episodes for a few days! It has now been 4 weeks & he has had one night of a couple times of coughing, and a couple nights I noticed him “gagging” on his spit while asleep. But nothing like he used to be! God healed my little boy!

I know I’m supposed to blog about this so that everyone will know the awesome power of God & that he still does miracles today. He is so good. Whatever you feel is hopeless, God wants to restore hope to you today. Is there anything we can pray for you about? Let me know!


2 responses to “God still does miracles!

  1. Francy Zagar

    Praise God!! Thank you for sharing Ruth! I love Sam – glad he IS healed!

  2. Great testimony! I can totally relate to you on how scary it is for a child to stop breathing. It happened one night with baby Ella.

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