They dropped the ball

I wanted to blog about this probably about a year ago. At least several months. But I had put it on the back burner until now. I’m reading Judges again because it is what YouVersion is on and as I was reading chapter 2 this whole blog idea came back up.

Joshua, the leader of the Israelites after Moses died, had also just died. Then all the people who had been alive to see what God had done during Moses’ & Joshua’s lifetime had died. Next comes the sad part. Verse 10 says, “After that whole generation had been gathered to their fathers, another generation grew up, who knew neither the LORD nor what he had done for Israel.” That, my friends, is scary. The Lord, through Moses, had given specific instructions to that older generation of Israelites to pass down the message throughout ALL generations what the Lord had done for them – freed them from Egypt, provided for & protected them in the desert, and delivered the people of Canaan into their hands so they could live in their Promised Land. Yet only one generation later & they “knew neither the LORD nor what he had done for Israel.” They stinkin’ dropped the ball. They didn’t even make it ONE generation.

This makes me mad. But then it puts a (holy?) fear in me. Am I dropping the ball? Do I share with my kids, no matter how young they are, what the Lord has done for our family? Do I tell them how God has saved me from my nasty life of sin, brought us safely to this point, called us to Hamtramck, and miraculously provided the way? Do I tell them how God has healed their mommy not just once but multiple times? Do I tell them how God has changed us, delivered us from past sins, and given us his grace over & over again? Or have I dropped the ball?

What about you? You may not have children physically, but if you are a Christian, you have a responsibility to tell this next generation what the Lord has done for YOU. Are you telling those around you how much he has done? Or are you just letting people pass by, and letting them forget who he is & what he’s done, even for them? This is your challenge. Not from me, but straight from God. DON’T DROP THE BALL. Please. Do not drop the ball. People need to hear it. Children of all ages need to hear it. God loves everyone. Let’s not let this generation live in a life of sin any longer. As far as it is up to us, we must tell them what the Lord has done! I’ve determined I am no longer going to drop the ball. My children are going to know what God has done… and, in faith, will pass it on to the next generations as well!


2 responses to “They dropped the ball

  1. Glad to carry the ball with you! (I’m not going to drop it either!) What a challenge! Love you, Rudy!

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