A is for Airplane Week

So the theme for this week (besides yesterday’s waffle day) is A is for Airplane.

Today we went to the Henry Ford Museum to see the airplanes they have there. We got in for free, courtesy of our friend, Sue. (Thanks, Sue!) We looked at a replica of the first airplane by the Wright brothers, walked into a partial airplane showing the different seats from throughout the years, made paper airplanes, watched a video of stuntmen on airplanes, and learned about propellers. We also talked about the landing gear, the “suits” the pilots wore, and other random facts as we walked by each plane. Sam thought even the smallest planes were huge. 🙂

When I asked Sam what letter “A” was for (after teaching him earlier airplane starts with “a”), he said, “Apple, airplane, & Addi!” So cute.

When we got home it was naptime, but after nap we colored a paper that said, “A is for airplane”. We also watched some flight simulations & landings of airplanes on youtube.

Since the museum took up so much time, the day went fast & we didn’t do a lot. But we have a lot planned for the rest of the week. Here’s some pictures from the museum:

In an “airplane”:

inairplaneSam’s paper airplane he made (getting ready to throw it, and with such intensity too):

samspaperairplaneIt went 12 feet – throwing it by himself! (We made the plane together.)

airplanethrowLook back late(r) tomorrow & hopefully I’ll post Wednesday’s airplane activities. Looking forward to it!


2 responses to “A is for Airplane Week

  1. PJ

    looks like a great day of fun!

  2. You have wonderful kids. I’m glad you guys enjoyed going to the museum. Cheers for more airplane adventures!

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