National Waffle Day!

I had a whole great waffle day routine planned out. It started out well, some things went awry, but then I think it ended well. Here’s what we ended up doing.

Making waffles for breakfast. But not just your typical waffles. We made peanut butter waffles from scratch, then added food coloring as a special touch! The kids both helped make them & we all had fun (and made a mess!). Here are some pics:

Green waffles:greenwafflesRed waffles:

addiswafflesMore red waffles:

SamsredwafflesThen we went to Barnes & Noble to look at a few books about waffles that they were “supposed” to have there (Note to self #1: call store first. Note to self #2: There are 10 times more pancake books than there are waffle books!), but when we got there we found one was out of print & the other two “could” be ordered although it wasn’t guaranteed we’d get them cuz they only had one copy. Strike 1. 😦

So then we stopped by Kroger to see if we could get some waffle fries for lunch. We finally got to the frozen food section, saw a ton of fries – steak fries, skinny fries, hashbrowns, etc. – but no waffle fries. I asked the guy stocking them & he said they had a refrigerator problem & were waiting for a shipment. Yay. What a “freak” thing to happen! Strike 2. 😦

So back home we had waffles & cheese for lunch (Hey, it’s what they wanted! And really I had a tuna sandwich.), played a game of tic-tac-toe on a print-out of a waffle I found (Sam did great making circles!), talked about waffle starting with the letter “W”, and my personal favorite: painted with waffles! Here are a couple of pics from that activity:

Samuel’s painting:

samwafflepaintAddison’s painting:

addiwafflepaintSo that’s all for Waffle Day. I had a “W” to color/whatever, but didn’t get to it. I like how Samuel is learning his letters, though. This has been fun. Thanks for reading!


3 responses to “National Waffle Day!

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  2. I love the idea of painting with waffles. Looks like a great day, despite it not going the way you had planned.

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