End of Airplane Week

Whoa, I totally got behind on the blogging. We finished up “A is for Airplane” week last Thursday & Friday.

We made “A” collages. First the kids colored the letter “A” – upper & lower case. Sam wanted to trace his letters. He did very good at it & traced them in several colors. I cut them out & the kids glued them on a big sheet of paper. Then I had the kids look at magazines. Sam found “A’s” and things that started with “A” (I helped only for 2 of the items). Then we took some paper & glued the pictures from the magazine on it (Addi wouldn’t let me help her look for A-words; she just liked looking at the magazine, so her paper only has the A’s she colored).

Sam’s “A Collage”:

AcollageAddi’s A’s:

addisAWe also made “propellers”. Now this one is the most simple & I wasn’t very creative on it, but Sam ended up loving his propeller, wanting to take it to show our friend, and carrying it around everywhere. I printed out a propeller, glued it to a part of a cereal box to make it sturdy, cut it out, then taped it on the end of a straw! Like I said… simple. It was the best way to show how propellers worked. We spun it around in our hands.

Sam’s propeller:

propeller1Sam spinning his propeller:

propeller2Addi’s propeller (I know, I know. She has no clothes on. It’s okay. It’s still “summer” & still warm, at least inside. Plus the marker comes off her skin better than her clothing!):


So then Friday night we ended the week by going to the airport to see some real, huge airplanes. We ended up going WAY later than we thought (I think we got there at 9:30pm?), so it was totally dark. As we were driving up we saw a smaller airplane in a “garage” (hangar). We parked in the short-term parking & went inside. Sam got to ride on the “moving sidewalk”, the escalators (which Addi really liked!), & we got to see the ticket counter, security check, and the baggage claim. Then since we couldn’t see any real airplanes inside, we went back to the parking deck & stood in the cold, slightly rainy air & watched for planes. We got to see 2 take off – we could hear them & see the lights. I also saw one land but I don’t think the kids saw it.

Here’s a pic of the family on the moving sidewalk:

airportSamuel & Addison watching for airplanes on the bridge that Sam loved:

watchingforplanesIt was a great week, and we also got to “eat” an airplane as well. I took a banana, sliced it in half, stuck some tortilla chips in them as wings, then used some mini marshmallows for windows. Here’s Sam’s:

airplanesnackThanks for reading & looking at the pictures!

It’s already almost Wednesday this week & it has been crazy. Yesterday I was unable to move without having intense vertigo in the morning, then my car broke down & we spent all afternoon working that out, then it was nap, etc. so no “school” yesterday. Then today was spent doing some really important (and hard-to-reach) phone calls & online searches, and some thorough cleaning of the house, so no school yet again. Tomorrow I’m hoping to start on “B is for Brain”… We’ll see how that goes or if it takes a turn for a different theme. Only time will tell!


3 responses to “End of Airplane Week

  1. Pattie Parker

    let’s hope you feel like you have a Brain left after this week! ha ha! what are the subjects for next week? grandparents? humor? jazz music? polish festivals? beach – sand!

  2. ruth, this is really cool! you are very creative…i’m inspired 🙂
    what’s going on this week?

  3. Well… the whole B for Brain thing hasn’t happened yet. lol I’ll save that for another week. We’ve been so busy otherwise that we haven’t even had time for a theme! Hopefully we’ll pick it back up soon. 🙂

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