Pig week – day 1

After a week or so break from school, Sam decided this week he wants to learn about pigs, people, & the letter “O” so we got some books on the subject, and I started googling snacks, crafts, & other ideas. I found a lot, but the craft I chose for Monday took so long that we only really got to a couple of things. And Tuesdays are crazy (story time at the library, home for lunch/nap, then to karate) that I don’t think we’ll have much time for “school” on Tuesdays.

We are also starting a “trial routine” to see how it goes.

  • Get up, dressed, teeth brushed
  • Breakfast
  • Bible story/memory verse
  • Outside play
  • Snack
  • Craft/activity or “school” paper
  • Free play (Sam reminded me I forgot this! Ha!)
  • Lunch
  • More craft/activity/school
  • Nap
  • Snack & activity if have time
  • Class at community center
  • Fix dinner w/mom  (or watch tv if they can’t help)
  • Dinner
  • Evening schedule varies

So Monday for the Bible story we read about the parable of the Lost Son, since he ended up eating pig slop. 🙂 Then we worked on making a piggy bank by putting tissue paper on an oatmeal container w/a glue & water mixture (paper mache style).



We made “pig trough buckets” from which they ate their lunch. Sam asked to use his pig bucket again today. (In case you can’t tell it’s just a plastic cup w/holes punched so a piece of string could fit through so they could hold it.)


We watched a few pig videos on YouTube: pigs rolling in the mud, pot belly pig doing tricks, baby pigs nursing, smallest pigs in the world, and pigs eating slop.

We have several pig books from the library we read as well as some about people (how they are different, etc.).

So that’s what we did Monday. Tuesday we didn’t do much. We read Noah’s Ark for Bible time (since pigs got on the ark…) & we finalized our piggy bank & Sam put money in it. Oh, and we started watching “Babe: Pig in the City” but Sam got bored, then scared of it later on. I agreed it wasn’t such a fun movie. Oh well. I also got Charlotte’s Web. I know that one’s good. 🙂 More later!


5 responses to “Pig week – day 1

  1. PJ

    The Paper Mache Piggy is AWESOME!!!!!

  2. ireid

    thats cool – i like the pig bank too! i prefer my pigs – bacon style.

  3. mo

    any bacon planned for pig week? hehe.

  4. ruthchowdhury

    Actually… we ate bacon tonight but it was turkey-bacon. I have talked about how we eat pigs. Sam seemed a little confused. We personally don’t eat pigs around here much (we eat turkey bacon, turkey lunchmeat instead of ham, don’t care for pork chops, etc.), so the only thing I could think of he’d recognize was hot dogs. So now I wonder if he’s gonna be concerned about the hot dogs next time we eat them… Ha!

  5. Love the piggy bank and the pig theme!

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