Pig week – day 2, part a

So this morning we got up & worked on a preschool paper – the letter “O” & the letter “P”. Samuel drew lines to the words that started with the particular letters (he needed help with the “O”, but knew which one was “P”), then we used glue to trace the letters & put rice on them to make the outlines of the letters. Sam putting the rice on the “O”:

letterOFinished paper:


Next we went outside to gather some grass. Then we came back in & read The Three Pigs by David Wiesner, which is a twist on the old story “The Three Little Pigs”. After we read the story, we tried making a house out of grass & talked about why it didn’t work (too little, etc.). We tried making a house out of “sticks” (we used toothipicks) & talked about why it didn’t work (looked like it may work, Sam suggested using glue, but in the end it wasn’t strong enough). Then we made a house out of “bricks” (wooden unit blocks) and it worked! We talked about why – it was strong, sturdy, etc.

3housesWhile I was reading the book & talking about building the right kind of house, it reminded me of the Bible story Jesus was telling in Matthew 7 about the Wise &  Foolish Builders. My paraphrase went like this:

Jesus said if you listen to him & obey him, you’ll be like a smart guy who builds a strong house. What happens to our house when it rains? It just gets wet. It doesn’t fall down. But if we don’t listen to Jesus & obey him, we aren’t smart guys & we’ll build a weak house. When it rains it’ll fall & crash. That’s like our lives. If we listen & obey Jesus we’ll be strong & it’ll be okay if something bad happens to us cuz we are strong because of Jesus. But if we don’t listen & obey Jesus & something bad happens we’ll be weak & fall down.

Not quite sure if he got it, but hey, I tried! 🙂 He’s pretty good at remembering Bible stories told to him at church, but since this one was more applicable to our lives with not many “characters” I’m not sure how much it’ll stick. We’ll see!


2 responses to “Pig week – day 2, part a

  1. Pattie Parker

    you rock, mom! sounds like a lot of fun and learning going on around there.

  2. Emily Kinsaul

    You are so creative, Ruth! I know your kids are blessed to have you as their mom. Great job!

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