Pig Week – day 2b & 3

So on Wednesday I posted before we finished everything we had planned, but basically all I ended up doing was helping Samuel & Addison make pig snouts to wear (Addison was afraid to put hers on. She ended up chewing on it. Ew.):


Then Thursday we went somewhere in the morning & I’m beginning to realize that if we do any out-of-the-house activity in the mornings, there probably won’t be much “school” that day!

So today Samuel traced letter “O’s” and “P’s”, made a pig puppet & read some more pig books with it, & made pig “slop”. We may do some more activities this afternoon; there are some pig games & a pig jigsaw puzzle online I may have him try. I also had a couple more games/crafts but it takes preparation & I haven’t done it yet so… dunno if I’ll get there. So here are some pictures:

Samuel’s letter “O’s” – traced with a black marker:


Pig puppet (kinda hard to see, but he colored it pink really well):


We made slop out of chocolate pudding (both kids liked stirring the milk in the mix), and here are the other ingredients we used:


Addison stirring the slop base:


Far shot of the finished product (I put the “ingredients” on a plate for them to choose which ones they wanted to put in their individual bowls. Addison mostly ate the ingredients. lol):


Sam’s pig slop, after being stirred (before it was stirred, he said his looked like they were having a Christmas party. lol I’m guessing cuz it was so colorful & fun?):


Addi’s slop:


I wonder what next week’s theme will be… Hmmm. Stay tuned! πŸ˜‰


4 responses to “Pig Week – day 2b & 3

  1. Linda B

    If it is chocolate I will eat slop.

  2. Looks like it was a great week!

  3. mo

    looks delish…no bacon though 😦

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