Cows, C, & P (well, almost)

So… I really dropped the ball on preschool work this week! We really didn’t do that much, especially compared to last week. Oops. But here’s what we did do:

Sam wanted to learn about (in his words): “The letter C, the letter P, & cows. 2 letters & an animal!” So that’s what the plan was. Only I didn’t get around to drawing up the lesson plans or getting books til halfway through the week. Ahem. Like I said, oops.

We got a few books at the library about cows & other farm animals. I did a little research on what cows like & do, so we talked about the cow’s stomach & how it’s divided in 4 compartments. He thought it was gross how he throws up then eats his food again. 🙂 We also talked about cows, bulls, calves, and what they eat (grass or milk). Sam got a little confused & said that cows eat milk cuz I also told him how we get milk from cows (and that calves nurse like Addi does…).

We did an online cow puzzle today. I also gave him a sheet of “C’s” I printed out and told him he could trace then color them. Well, he wanted to trace the C’s in every different color, so that’s what he did! Oh, and he learned cow starts with C.

Yesterday we ate ice cream, which was one thing on the list to do, but I totally forgot to mention how it comes from milk, which comes from cows… Hmmm. Next time I guess. lol

Earlier this week he glued little pieces of paper on the letter C worksheet I had for him. You may have noticed by now, but we didn’t do anything “P” related. Another oops.

The most fun thing we did, however, was “milk a cow”. No, we didn’t get to go to a farm to do so… but I made some “udders” out of a plastic glove, filled it up with water, poked a small hole in one of the fingers with a safety pin, and let each of the kids take turns milking the “cow”. They really liked it, and here are some pictures:

Addi milking the cow:


Sam milking the cow:


And so… I’m hoping I get a little more organized for next week. It’s not like he didn’t learn anything… He got to do more housework this week than usual (he helped clean the bathroom, vacuum, and sweep, as well as help pick up toys, etc.) but it’s just not as “tangible” to blog about.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


3 responses to “Cows, C, & P (well, almost)

  1. Love the cow udder idea! You can blog about anything, we’d love to see the kids vacuuming or whatever. They are so cute!
    On a side note, Arin loves to help with housework too – mostly just laundry and spraying Windex on the windows, but whatever she will happily help with is great for me!

  2. bravo! loved it all. It’s so wonderful getting to hear about your normal days, your home schooling, and seeing photos to go along with it. I love all the Sam-isms!
    The week’s not over – you could write out Aunt Patty’s and Grandma Pattie’s names, see how they start with P, and see how they are a little different but sound the same.
    but I’m sure you can do that another week…

  3. PJ

    You are so cool!!!! Love the cow udder!!!! AMAZING!

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