Our Zoo-riffic Day!

So we did school last week (and I haven’t blogged about it yet! Agh!) but this week we’re “slacking” again. I think we’re gonna end up having a “one week on/one week off” type thing going on. But even though we weren’t “hitting the books”, we were learning!

We went to the zoo today! No one was there except a school group & even they were divided up so it seemed like there was hardly anyone there. I think I saw a few cars in the parking garage, but where were those people? 🙂 Anyways, Sam asked to see the tigers, penguins, butterflies, and lions. We saw all but the lions (too far). But we did see birds & reptiles as well as a few animals on the way to the others. The highlight of the day, though, was feeding the squirrels & watching them chase each other. We were all laughing. One even stole Addi’s sandwich when we left it in the stroller unattended while playing on the playground. We had a good laugh about that too (oh, and Sam tried to chase it down, but it got away). All in all, we had a TON of fun. Here’s some pics!

Walking through a hay maze at the zoo:


Addi in the maze:


Eating lunch (before sandwich was stolen):


Other things we did this week… Sam folded laundry (and did great!). These are his stacks of washcloths he did all by himself! Really!


Addison held our little friend, Allie, for the first time:


I need to take some pictures & video-footage of Sam’s community center classes too. He’s loving music class on Mondays, art on Thursdays, & karate on Fridays.

We’ve also been taking daily walks to get me exercising, and Sam has been helping me “cook” lunches & dinners. He’s really into helping me & I love it. I am so blessed! Kids are the best!


3 responses to “Our Zoo-riffic Day!

  1. Pattie Parker

    yep! kids are the best! Thanks so much for sharing your daily life, and augmenting with such beautiful photos!

  2. So fun! I can hardly wait to go to the zoo again this weekend with you all. That says a lot since I don’t like the zoo much!

  3. PJ

    your kiddos are getting so big!!!

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