Leaf week

We’ve started the “fall” themes now. Last week was “Leaf week”. We collected a LOT of leaves from our walks in the warm weather last week. I had several projects, games, activities, etc. planned but only got around to a few of them. We had fun though, and the kids liked just carrying around the leaves everywhere (yes, inside the house). Addison especially liked crinkling them up, getting little bits of dried leaves everywhere. Yay. 😉

On Tuesday night, we made leaf-shaped sugar cookies:


Samuel also did some “fall themed” preschool worksheets – one of them had the whole alphabet to trace. I was going to have him do 5 letters so he wouldn’t be overwhelmed, but he wanted to do them all. So he traced all of them! He also counted how many of each object was in a picture & circled the correct number for each set:


Hmmm… Apparently I didn’t take as many pictures as I thought I did. We also put a leaf under a piece of paper & colored over it to see the leaf-shape come through. Samuel wrote his name by himself. I helped with the S & U, but the other letters he did by himself!

We sorted the leaves according to size & talked about the colors, differences, similarities, etc. We also made “leaf placemats” – put a towel down, then a piece of wax paper, then Samuel arranged some leaves. Then you put another piece of wax paper down, then another towel, and you iron over it with a pretty hot iron. It melts it together. You trim the edges & voila! A placemat!

We also sang leaf songs & let our leaves fall to the ground, and read books about leaves.


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