My big girl

Addison is growing up. She’s talking more, and is way more independent, even choosing to go to other people instead of me sometimes. She is in the whole “I’m not going to do what you say no matter what” stage, though, so we’ve seen a lot of tantrums & crawling lately. If it wasn’t so “bad” it would be hilarious. She’s so strong-willed, just like her mother (ahem), so it makes for some funny “battles”.

Here she is, decorating the refrigerator. Can you guess what it is?

fridgedecorIt’s the leftovers from her lunch… Turkey lunchmeat! Hilarious.

Here she is in her toddler bed that is newly put together. She’s actually sleeping in it right now for the first time!


I can hardly believe she’ll be 2 years old in less than 3 months! We have to remember to celebrate her birthday, with the impending arrival of Baby #3 due right around the same time. She’s growing up so fast. I’m so blessed!!!


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