Random pics

Samuel had a cracker & was eating it (pretty normal thing to do with a cracker, huh?) and then he said, “Look Mom! It’s a church!” Expecting to see something that looked like a building, or maybe a house, I look to find this:

realchurchcrackerIt is the symbol of our church, Real Church, and so that’s what he associates with what a church looks like! Ha!

Next random thing. Chris took Sam one night in his car for some Daddy-Son time and the next day we forgot to put his car seat back in the van. I needed to go somewhere, so I used his new carseat/booster seat. He’s old enough & big enough to be in it, but I was just putting it off. Here’s a pic of the big guy:


Chris likes to help me out when we get home super late from church or other events. Sometimes I take Samuel upstairs to put him to bed while Addison stays down with Daddy to hang out. Here’s what I *usually* come back down to see:


Samuel saw Chris’ Bible on the floor one day & decided to read it, all on his own. We had to take a pic!


Last, but not least, a couple of Fridays ago I decided to be a little creative & try to make staying inside not as boring. Here’s what I did with a little bit of masking tape:


I also taped out a few shapes, and they are still on our floor. The hopscotch has helped Sam learn how to count backwards. He’s played so many variations of this since it’s been on our floor!

Hope you enjoyed these random pics!


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