“All I can do is pray”

Ever said that phrase? Ever thought it? I say – or should I say “said” – that a lot. When there’s a situation that is bigger than me and I want to do something about it but usually can’t, I say, “Well… All I can do is pray…” I said it with an exasperated, disappointed, “I give up” type of look on my face & in my body language. Um…. what the heck is that all about?!

As I was saying that just this week to a friend I realized how stupid that saying (maybe even cliche?) is. What do I mean “ALL” I can do is pray. Prayer should be the first thing I do, because it is the most important thing I can do! Too many times I try to figure out what I can do when all I should be doing is praying. It is in prayer that the battle is won. I can’t do anything great by myself. God is the one who does the great things. Not me.

So next time I go to try to handle something myself, realize I fall short, and start to say, “well, all I can do is pray”… if you hear me, remind me: It’s the best thing I can do. And the thing I should’ve done first.

Well, I’m gonna go pray now. Any thoughts about this?


2 responses to ““All I can do is pray”

  1. Fred Chilton

    Great article and powerful and ‘real’ thoughts on prayer. Thank you, Ruth.

  2. very timely, insightful, and a great photo you found to add to the post.

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