Halloween & other fun stuff

On Saturday we went to go pick up approximately 1,000 doughnuts from Krispy Kreme that they donated for our church‘s Great Pumpkin Party & weekend services. It took about an hour for Chris to pack them all in, so Sam, Addi, & I hung out inside watching the doughnuts being made. An employee gave them each a “Halloween bag” with 2 mini doughnuts each! They also got balloons, although they were quickly lost. There was a “scary pumpkin” there. I had to convince the kids to stand next to it to get a pic. Here’s Samuel:


And Addison:


Then we got to go to our church’s Great Pumpkin party that Chris was organizing. Addison dressed as a ladybug:


And Samuel was a “wok staw” (rock star). Chris made him a “keytar” out of cardboard, but I didn’t get a picture of it. Here’s a side view of Sam & his neck tattoo:


And a close up of his hair:


Our last sermon series was on “Meds” so our Pastor had the idea for us to dress up at our Saturday night service with meds as our theme. So I went as an injured person & most people thought I really had hurt myself. Imagine a wrist brace, ankle brace, head wrapped in ace bandage, a crutch, a realistic bruise on my cheek (thanks to my sister-in-law) and a 6 1/2 month pregnant belly. Yeah. Some people were sincerely concerned & looked like they’d call the authorities if need be! Here’s a close-up of my bruise (sorry it wasn’t that great of a picture nor was it the whole costume):


Samuel decorated a pumpkin Friday night but I haven’t taken a picture of it yet. The pumpkin we picked for Addison to decorate got messed up so it was put on our porch. A wonderfully sneaky squirrel rolled it down our porch steps, breaking it open, and was having a feast. The kids thought it was really funny.


On Thursday night we went to our local mall & since Sam is a “Giggle Gang” member there, he got a free ride on their Halloween train. It went in a loop 4 times. Sam thought it was great. Addison thought it was not-so-great because I left her with daddy so I could stand in the enclosed train area. Oops.


And completely unrelated to Halloween, we decided to make pop-tarts from scratch this morning. The kids liked them but I didn’t. 🙂 Here’s Sam spreading his jelly (dunno why it’s so foggy):


Here’s the almost-finished product. We put homemade icing & non-homemade sprinkles on it after this picture was taken:


That’s it for now. Addison is getting over a flu-like sickness so I’ve been doing almost nothing the past couple of days! It’s crazy how you can get into a routine then something “happens” and you get back out of it. We’ve had lots of snuggle time lately, though, and I’ve enjoyed it. Have a great week!


2 responses to “Halloween & other fun stuff

  1. Gwammaw loves it! From the wock staw’s tattoo, and the pumpkin-stealing squirrel, to mom’s fake injuries, that was great! So glad you have Krispy Kreme there to continue a Southern tradition. We have a new one in Stanleyville that has the factory there, complete with the HOT NOW sign.

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