The focus is on YOU


Okay I know I don’t have a slew of followers or anything, but I do want to invite those who read this blog to share with me something you need (or want) prayer for this week. I need to pray more, and when I do pray more, I need it to be less selfish/about me. So go for it… In one sentence or phrase, let me know what I can be praying for you this week.

Ready, set, GO!

(P.S. The picture above is of Samuel “praying”… Thought it was appropriate!)


9 responses to “The focus is on YOU

  1. wow he even has his head covered. I find it easier to pray sometimes like that. You know what we need…. Pray especially for Jen & the baby this week, and for Uncle Don. love you!

  2. Kim K

    He looks so cute. Sometimes I just pray for one person who has no prayers that day. I trust that God knows exactly where to send it.

    St Mary is the patron saint of Detroit. Did you know that? I think Detroit could use some prayer.

    Also there’s that little boy Noah, I think that won’t live till Christmas… his parents could use some prayer.

    Now I’ll be praying for you tonight! 🙂


  3. I second that prayer request for my dad (Don) and of course for my mom (Linda) as she deals with a husband’s declining health!

  4. Please pray for my husband to have favor and be able to find a job. He just got out of the military in September and so far has had no luck 😦

  5. dyer

    direction and wisdom… abstract thaughts I know… thanks sis!

    ps – Sam is the cutest!

  6. danfogarty

    Please pray for Crystal, she is sick and nothing is working and she has no insurance:(
    Mike is sick to, real sick. Hes been to the hospital a few times. actually, I’m sick to!

  7. As long as you are offering to pray, we could use prayers on a place to live – either a place to open up for us to rent or that the bank would accept our offer on this house that we are currently living in. Anything you’d like us to prayer about for you guys?

  8. ruthchowdhury

    I’m praying for you all & will continue to. (Please continue leaving comments too. As I get them in my email I add them to my prayer list.)

    Cara – we need wisdom/direction for leading our children – our biological children AND the children we minister to here in Hamtramck. They are really on our heart & we want to see God do great things in & through them. Thanks!

  9. Karen

    Please pray for my marriage. I also need some extra prayers for my autistic Superboy.

    Love how Sam is covering his head in prayer, as if he was at the Holy of Holies in the Temple of Solomon.

    Tonight I’ll be praying that your family will continue to grow in joy.

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