Growing up

I know she’s almost 2, but Addison right now is still my “baby”. It’s been hard to see her grow up, even though I love it at the same time. I’m seeing some “big boy” stuff in Sam too, which is also hard, cuz he was my first baby. Anyways, today was a first: Addison went TO someone’s house to be babysat without her big brother there. Usually if I take Sam somewhere, Addison is with Chris so it’s not quite babysitting. But today Sam & I went to the dentist & left Addi behind with our great friend, Brooke, and she did absolutely great. I got a little sad when she was walking like a big girl up the stairs to Brooke’s house, so I quickly snapped a picture. See what I mean?


No crying. Nothing. I love my kids & I love each stage of their lives. God has truly blessed Chris & me as parents. What a great calling.


2 responses to “Growing up

  1. the photo makes me “feel” what you were feeling, I think. When you were talking about it, it was a milestone, but she does look like such a big girl in the photo, walking AWAY from you WITH someone else. a milestone, indeed, I understand. thanks, Brooke!

  2. mo

    it’s nice to have a record of firsts like that 🙂

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