Our anniversary

Friday, November 20, was our 5th wedding anniversary. 5 years! In some ways it feels like forever, in others like it was just yesterday. My parents came in to watch the kids so we could get away overnight – for the first time since having kids! It was a perfect night & weekend away.

We went to J. Alexander’s for dinner, which is where we went on our very first date 9 1/2 years ago! We also had free tickets to the Cranbrook Institute of Science so we went there for the first time. It was very nice! We stayed at the Marriot at the Renaissance Center in downtown Detroit on the 43rd floor. VERY high. I only worried for the first little bit about having to run down 43 flights of stairs, 7 1/2 months pregnant, if there was an emergency.

Looking out our window to Canada:

Looking down to the ground from our window:

On Saturday we slept in (never get to do that at home!), then rode on the People Mover to tour downtown Detroit (my first time on it ever). Best 50 cents spent all weekend. 😉

Inside the People Mover (Chris videotaped almost the whole ride!):

We topped off the date with watching The Christmas Carol & stopping for some Starbucks.

A big thanks to my parents for watching the kids so we could have a very relaxing, refreshing, enjoyable 24 hours away!


One response to “Our anniversary

  1. You’re welcome – it was a privilege!

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