Thanksgiving craft

I know you’ve probably all heard of the whole “handprint/footprint turkey” craft… You may have even done it as a kid. Well, I was looking for something easy for the kids to do & when I saw it, I was like, “Hey, That’s an oldie but a goodie.” So each kid made one. We did a little bit of a twist, though. Instead of just brown construction paper for the body of the turkey (the kids’ feet), I had them color with marker on cardstock, then traced their feet & cut it out. It’s not the “correct” color for a turkey body, but I thought it added a more personal touch. Then on each of the hands I wrote something Sam told me he was thankful for (he helped Addi think of things too). I also let them glue on their own eyes, beak, and legs (well, I admit… Addi put one of the eyes super low so I ended up showing her where to put it… lol). Here are the pics.

Addison’s turkey:

Samuel’s turkey:


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