Christmas crafts

A lot of my friends are doing Christmas activities each day of December. I didn’t think about doing that until after December had started & I read my friends’ blogs about it. Then I decided I’d also be too stressed to try to commit to every single day. Ha! But I did want to do something Christmas-y so I decided our first thing to do was make a fireplace. Last Friday we made a fireplace out of brown paper grocery bags, paint, & tape. So simple & I think it looks great in our living room! We’re adding decorations to it to make it more “real”. Today the kids made stockings to hang on it. Later this week or next we’ll make something else (it’s a surprise) to go on or around it. Here are a few pictures of the projects so far:

Painting bricks on the fireplace:

Finished fireplace (on our living room wall):

Addi “sewing” her stocking (with yarn):

Sam sewing his stocking (he did this part all by himself!):

Samuel decorating his stocking (with Christmas stickers):

Addison decorating her stocking:

Sam’s finished stocking:

Addi’s finished stocking (it’s a little blurry. The heater turns on & blows it; I was trying to hold it still.):

The fireplace with the stockings hanging:

There ya go! I’m excited to see what else goes on and around it & how it all turns out. We haven’t decorated with anything else yet, which feels so weird to me, but we just “haven’t gotten around to it yet”. At least we have a fireplace! šŸ™‚


3 responses to “Christmas crafts

  1. beautiful work, all my babies!!
    love the tongue. just like his grandma and mom. You know, you can just concentrate better when the tongue is out. what’s with that? I’m convinced it’s natural, and not learned.

  2. Rhonda Wingo

    You are so crafty Ruth. This gives me some ideas of what to do with Jalona, while sitting at home during the day. Tell Sam and Addi that I said their masterpieces are exquisite. Translation- they are beautiful.

  3. Linda B

    Does take me back a lot of years. What fun with little ones.

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