Menu for the month

I did it. I finally made a menu for a whole month in advance. Not only that, but I shopped for it as well! I got everything except produce, milk (which I’ll need halfway through the month cuz of expiration dates), and possibly something I may have forgotten but we’ll find out later. lol So I’m not sure if you’re interested or not, but I figured I’d list them all for you. I know that reading blogs, etc., really helps me get ideas for what to make. So… here goes (oh, and if you want recipes or reviews on how the family likes/liked it, please feel free to ask).

Friday, Dec. 4 – Shepherd’s Pie

Saturday, Dec. 5 – Homemade mac & cheese

Sunday, Dec. 6 – Crockpot baked potatoes w/steamed broccoli & cheese

Monday, Dec. 7 – Whole roasted chicken w/mashed butternut squash & stovetop stuffing

Tuesday, Dec. 8 – Grilled cheese w/tomato soup & pickles

Wednesday, Dec. 9 – Hot dogs w/homemade chili & chips

Thursday, Dec. 10 – Southwestern pasta

Friday, Dec. 11 – Pita pizzas w/fresh broccoli & carrots

Saturday, Dec. 12 – Egg muffins for breakfast, sub sandwiches for lunch, taco salad for dinner

Sunday, Dec. 13 – Crockpot garlic chicken w/salad(?)

Monday, Dec. 14 – Lasagna w/green beans & homemade garlic toast

Tuesday, Dec. 15 – Chicken nuggets w/fries

Wednesday, Dec. 16 – Omelets, toast, smoothies

Thursday, Dec. 17 – Eat at Chris’ mom’s house

Friday, Dec. 18 – Chicken fried rice

Saturday, Dec. 19 – Homemade honey muffins for breakfast, soup, etc. for lunch, & eating at Chris’ aunt & uncle’s house for “Christmas” dinner

Sunday, Dec. 20 – Crockpot veggie chili w/corn muffins

Monday, Dec. 21 – Christmas dinner party

Tuesday, Dec. 22 – Pasta marinara w/green beans & homemade garlic toast

Wednesday, Dec. 23 – Chicken potato bake w/salad

Thursday, Dec. 24 – Spaghetti & meatballs

Friday, Dec. 25 – Eggs, pancakes, & bacon

Saturday, Dec. 26 – Quesadillas w/refried beans & Mexican rice

Sunday, Dec. 27 – Crockpot chicken pot pie

Monday, Dec. 28 – Chicken parmesan w/salad or green beans

Tuesday, Dec. 29 – Turkey sloppy joes w/chips & carrots

Wednesday, Dec. 30 – Chicken rice casserole

Thursday, Dec. 31 – Veggie wraps

Friday, Jan. 1 – Chipotle chicken wraps w/veggies

Saturday, Jan. 2 – Chicken baked ziti w/green beans or salad or fresh veggies

Sunday, Jan. 3 – Eat out!

Monday, Jan. 4 – Lemon pepper chicken w/gravy, rice, & steamed veggies

Tuesday, Jan. 5 – Club sandwiches w/pickles & chips

This took a lot of time to do but it was SO worth it. It is so nice to know I have everything I need, shopping is done for the MONTH (except produce/milk), and I have a plan so we don’t eat out, go over budget at the end of the month, or me pull my hair out trying to come up with something last minute. Who knew I could get this excited over food? 🙂


9 responses to “Menu for the month

  1. What? No black-eyed peas, greens, and cornbread on New Year’s Day?

  2. PJ

    never heard of black eyed peas on New Years?…it’s some kind of tradition that is supposed to bring fortune in the year to come
    Planning for the month is soo soo soo helpful!!! Good job Ruth!

  3. Celeste

    Recipes, please!!! 😀

    • Celeste

      P.S.–I’m bored with what I’ve been cooking. I want new ideas. I’m particularly interested in the chicken baked ziti, chipotle chicken wraps, crockpot chicken pot pie, chicken potato bake, crockpot garli chicken, crockpot baked potato, and shepherd’s pie. Yum!

  4. Did you stick to it all month?

    • Well… The first 3 weeks went pretty good. But the last week I *knew* something was bound to change, as it was Christmas & New Years & Chris was off work. We stuck to it pretty good but ate out the last week more than we should have. Oh well. It was still overall worth it & we’re trying it again this month. I came up w/the meals for this month and went shopping for them on Saturday, trying a different store & coupons (I used $40 in coupons!). But I haven’t set the exact days of when each meal is (yet). Maybe I’ll try not specifically scheduling them, but pulling out whatever we feel like eating at the time. That’s what we did tonight at least. Thanks for asking, Cara! I was wondering if someone would! lol

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