Super cold day

When I saw the weather forecast for today I determined right then & there that Thursday, December 10, would be a stay home day. As I’m typing this (around 2:10pm), says it is 16 degrees out but feels like -1. Yeah. Negative 1. Anyways…

I didn’t want to feel all cooped up though, so I decided we’d get Christmas-y. We watched Bob the Builder’s A Christmas to Remember, made ginger bread cookies (per Sam’s request, actually… didn’t even know he knew what “gingerbread man cookies” were…), listened to Christmas music, made hot chocolate & drank it, got out decorations from the basement, & read Christmas books. I found the kids’ Christmas bears, so they are now taking a nap with them.

We’ll bake the ginger bread cookies when they get up from nap (yeah. oops. forgot to look ahead on the recipe & they had to chill for 3 hours!). I didn’t take any pictures yet but I’ll probably take some pics of the cookies & cookie-making later this afternoon if I remember.

It’s finally starting to feel like CHRISTMAS!!! 🙂


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