Christmas tree

We started a new tradition this year for Christmas: The “boys” go and get the Christmas tree! Sam was so excited, thinking he was going to saw down a tree & fight off bears (which may or may not have been what Chris told him he was going to do… ahem…). 🙂

They came home with a 3 1/2-4 foot tree, which is the perfect size for Samuel & Addison. Samuel loved decorating it. He helped put on the lights, he put on most of the ornaments, and he said he loved the star (which we think is hilarious, cuz it’s kinda, well… really red – ha!). Right before bed he grabbed his teddy bear and starting walking out of the room. He then turned around, said, “OH! Bear wants to see the Christmas tree!” He showed “bear” the tree, and bear “said”: Oh, I love the Christmas tree! (In his little bear voice, of course! lol)

So here are some pictures (sorry the first ones are so dark) of the boys decorating (I had a hard time getting Addi in a picture, but she did help a bit).

Putting the lights on (a very posed picture. Ha!):

More putting lights on:

Putting the star on the top (we were planning on Sam doing it, but it was a little more difficult than we expected):

Samuel putting ornaments on the tree:

Chris putting an ornament on:

Samuel putting final ornaments on (gotta love that tongue, helping him to concentrate):

Finished tree!

We’ve got a bit more decorating to do, but the tree is up & makes me wanna wrap presents & put them under it. I’ll get to that soon enough, and I’m sure I’ll have enough of a job keeping the kids from pulling all the ornaments & lights off the tree as it is! Merry Christmas!


2 responses to “Christmas tree

  1. ireid

    That’s really cute. I like the fighting bears thing. We’ll have to do that sometime with him.

  2. Linda B

    I love it. I can just see their little eyes all bright and Christmasy.

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