A New Kind of Patience

A “new” definition of patience, thanks to studylight.org‘s website & original Greek:

“…slowness in avenging wrongs.”

For me, having patience with my children & with myself are the two hardest things. When I think of this in terms of having patience with my kids, it shines a whole new light on things.

When Samuel & Addison are fighting, something needs to be done, and they even “deserve to be punished”, I need to have patience with them… I need to be slow in avenging wrongs. To be slow to inflict a penalty in return for something they did wrong.

Just thought I’d share that with you. Gonna try to think about that more in the days to come & apply it in my everyday (and minute!) life.


3 responses to “A New Kind of Patience

  1. easy to forget this when my two kids drive me nuts!

  2. Slowness in avenging wrongs…what a great way to think of it. I do get a sense of self righteousness and all encompassing judgeship when it comes to refereeing my kids’ skirmishes. Slowness will help me to let the Lord’s gentleness and love show through me more during those very teachable — yet very frustrating — moments. Thanks for the reminder!

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