Creation, Day 2 – “Sky/Air/Wind/Clouds”

We are studying the Days of Creation (a day each week), and this week we were on Day 2 – sky, wind, air, clouds, etc.

On Monday we did several projects to learn about the wind. We went outside to blow bubbles, to see how they were “created” by wind, and then blew around in the wind. I also had Sam & Addi look around to see what they could find blowing in the wind. They found leaves, grass, flowers, and a couple of flags.

For an art project, the kids got to paint with all kinds of colors (cuz the sky CAN be all sorts of colors, and we talked about that too) on a huge posterboard. Here’s a before picture:

And here is a completed picture:

To store this, I am planning on cutting it to make it into a huge floor puzzle. 🙂

We got some library books about the sky & different things that are in the sky (Sam’s favorites right now are hot air balloons & airplanes). Oh, and we were at Target this week and happened to see some pinwheels, so I let the kids each get one (thank you, dollar section!) and try it out in the wind when we got home.

Then, Monday night when Dad was home, we went to our local park & flew a kite! Sam had never flown a kite before and he loved it!

Sam on Chris’ shoulders, to hold it high enough to fly it:

The kite, blowing in the wind:

Look how high!

So here’s my “problem”. I do SO good on Mondays, then I totally bomb the rest of the week! I think we did 1-2 things Tuesday-Friday that had to do with school… Yeah. Great, huh? It’s a little disappointing, but I’m trying to cut myself some slack. I have 3 kids now, so things will be a little different. I’m hoping that by mid-winter I may have this schedule down a little better. 🙂 As for sky week… I think I’ll continue it into week 3, because I had so many more activities (clouds, etc.) that I’d like to do, and *drumroll please* we’re planning on going to a hot air balloon festival next Friday night! I haven’t told Sam, so no one mention it! He’s gonna totally flip out. 🙂

Thanks for reading!


7 responses to “Creation, Day 2 – “Sky/Air/Wind/Clouds”

  1. mo

    Wow haven’t flown a kite in years. Decades?

    • Ruth

      You should do it. I thought it’d be boring, but I loved it! It took some thinking and experimenting to get it to stay up and go even higher. Good times.

  2. Woah! This is sweet! When can I enroll? haha jk! Sam is going to have so much fun next Friday! Thanks for sharing!

  3. You are doing great Ruth! And who says school has to be Monday-Friday anyway! Awesome ideas. Can’t wait to hear ALL ABOUT the Hot Air Balloon Festival : )

  4. Grandma Parker

    I was getting ready to tell you about this super hot air balloon in Statesville every September. Where did you find one there? I’m excited for you. It is so fun to be driving home, too, and seeing them up above you as they “fly.”

  5. Looks like you had fun! I know what you mean about starting good and then running out of steam. Did the same thing when we were studying creation week. I’m so glad that you blogged what you did and I can’t wait to see more. Don’t forget the pictures at the hot air balloon festival! I want to go too 🙂

  6. I love all the creative, fun ideas you have for studying creation! I bet the kids loved it, too!

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