Sam starting throwing up early Thursday morning. That’s a great way to start a blog post, huh? πŸ™‚

So, he was sick all day Thursday and only had a fever for a couple hours. Now, if you remember what the weather was this week, you would realize that Thursday and Friday were in the 40’s. FORTIES, people! I had big plans of walks, possibly the zoo, possibly meeting up with friends, going to the park, etc. I was going to enjoy the almost spring weather, by golly. Then Sam got sick. And we spent the day inside.

On Friday he was doing pretty good and even started jumping up and down Friday night. So we thought he was on the mend. But we stayed in that day as well just in case. At one point I had plans to go out two different times for Friday night, but those of those plans fell through. I tried to make last minute plans, but no one was available. So I spent a couple of hours alone… Organizing our spare bedroom/school room. And I had FUN! πŸ™‚

Then Saturday morning Sam wakes up, crawls in our bed, and threw up. Lol yes, in our bed. (I need to mention here how I hate doing pukey laundry!) He also was showing signs of dehydration, so I told him we’d have to take him to the hospital, explained briefly the IV they’d do, and that was enough for him to decide to drink. After drinking some, and having crackers, he was sitting up, playing games, and acting better. And this morning, he’s fine! We are so thankful for friends & family for praying for his healing!

So this morning we skipped church, just in case he’s still contagious, and to help him gain back strength and not overdo it. But I didn’t want to just be bored again today, so I decided to teach the lesson they were supposed to learn about today at church. It was the story of Rahab & how she saved the spies. So I told the story then we made a “wall” from a bunch of boxes, left a space for a window, and each kid took turns lowering a “spy” (played by Sam’s superheroes) through the window. Even Micah tried!

I got pictures of it, and they look so cute, but I still haven’t figured out how to add them with this app I’m using, so I’ll ask Chris for help & hopefully get them on soon.

P.S. – Texas was great!! I loved spending time with my brother, sister, and nephew. They are a wonderful family!!
P.P.S. – anyone know why I titled this post lemonade? Make a guess in the comments below. πŸ˜‰


10 responses to “Lemonade

  1. You are an amazing woman! Thank you for serving me and our kids with joy and creativity! You’re hot too!

  2. because you took a lemon of a situation and made lemonade πŸ™‚
    very creative with the wall and superheroes πŸ™‚

    • ruthchowdhury

      Thanks! They seemed to like it. But they liked continuing the story even better… Knocking down the walls of Jericho! I told them they’d probably learn about that next week, but we still knocked them down. Over and over.

  3. Grandma Parker

    Love the wall idea, and oh I had to laugh when I thought of myself at age 4 and what it would have been like to have my mother explain that they were going to put a needle in my arm and put fluid in my blood! LOL Quick thinking, mom! Sounds like you had good good lemonade this week. Lots of sugar to stir in with that blessed family of yours around! I look forward to the pictures.

    • ruthchowdhury

      Actually, Chris explained it to him. Sam thinks a “shot” is getting his finger pricked, cuz he had his blood tested for iron last year. He doesn’t remember getting actual shots. Lol. And Chris just said he’d get a shot in his arm instead of his finger. So not really too many details. πŸ˜‰

  4. Marshall SR.

    Yellow puke???

  5. haha, my first guess was going to be that lemonade was what ended up in your bed… upon further consideration, I would go with the lemons making lemonade scenario. I attribute most of my intellect to having been home-schooled πŸ˜‰ (note: I had to use the spell check feature on no less than 4 of the words in that statement)

  6. ps – you remind me of my own fabulous mumma. You are both pretty amazing moms!

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