Parenting Wild Things – Embracing the Rumpus (book review)

My friend, Jessica Bowman, sent me her new ebook the other day. It’s called “Parenting Wild Things: Embracing the Rumpus”. I was really looking forward to reading it because Jessica’s blog is great – witty, honest, & applicable – and I like her style of writing. Jessica has 4 children of her own & as she mentions in her book, over a decade of parenting under her belt.

In her book, she opens up a window into her home & invites you to learn along with her as she shares the reality of what life is like with children. The book, in my opinion, is about a change of mindset. From learning not to compare yourself & your children to others, to seeing your children with a new set of eyes, to learning creative ways to discipline, this book has practical advice on how to correctly respond instead of react to our children.

Giving real life examples from her family, and a look into her past & upbringing, & also being honest about how she wants to continue to change, Jessica pulls you in & makes you think, “Yeah. I can try that. I DO want to have a better relationship with my kids!”

One unique thing with her book is that at the end of each chapter is a “Chapter Challenge” so you can immediately apply what you just read about before you forget what was said.

Even if you find you may not agree with everything written in the book, it is a wonderful & quick read & I think we can all learn from it.

*I was given the ebook for free in exchange for reviewing the book, but I was not told that I had to give a good review. All these opinions are honest & I really do recommend purchasing a copy for yourself. You will be helping out a family in need as well. Here is the info to make the purchase today!


One response to “Parenting Wild Things – Embracing the Rumpus (book review)

  1. I read the sample chapter and it’s really good. I’ll be buying it in the next week!

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