Your love is stronger than…

My kids love singing the song “Your love is, your love is, your love is, STRONG!” that they’ve heard many times in church on Sunday mornings. That’s probably why I get that song stuck in my head so easily, but actually I’m okay with that. Because His love IS strong. I felt like I should journal just what exactly His love is stronger than. So here’s a look into my journal from earlier this evening.

Your love is stronger than…
– my fears
– my insecurities
– my mistakes
– any risks I (we) take
– worldly desires
– envy & jealousy
– the American Dream
– temptation
– bitterness
– pain, whether physical or otherwise
– hopelessness
– depression
– anger & rage
– doubt
– unwillingness to change
– a stubborn heart
– the needs we see
– addictions
– mindsets
– death, hell, & the grave

Isn’t that powerful? His love is strong!

Please leave a comment saying which one of these (if any) stuck out to you and why. And/or add to the list! Oh, and next time you see my kids, ask them to sing the “your love is strong” song. I’m sure they’ll be happy to oblige. 🙂


3 responses to “Your love is stronger than…

  1. “envy & jealousy” – I’ve really been seeing these in my life and I’m amazed at how opposite-of-love they are. But I am loved by God – so I have no reason to want what anyone else has. And if I love others with the love of Christ, I never want someone else to be envious or jealous of me – I want them to know all that God has for them.

    I love you! This post is so good!

  2. This post is so good. His love is stronger than my lonliness!

  3. the American Dream – it’s so icky and yet it has so enveeloped our society that I have to make a SERIOUS effort to deny it’s stronghold in my thoughts about success, ambition, direction, goals … THIS IS SO GOOD! Thanks for sharing!

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