Menu planning

I figured I’d post my menu for the next week and a half for the fun of it. Maybe it’ll inspire someone. Who knows. 🙂

Monday, Sept 26
– lunch: chicken & cheese hors d’oeuvre (lunchmeat chicken & blocks of mozzarella on toothpicks), grapes, crackers
– dinner: chicken & potato bake

Tuesday, Sept 27
– lunch: leftovers
– dinner: Shepherd’s pie

Wednesday, Sept 28
– lunch: leftovers
– dinner: homemade beef stew

Thursday, Sept 29
– lunch: pb&j, chips, fruit
– dinner: grilled cheese & tomato soup

Friday, Sept 30
– lunch: tuna on crackers, fruit
– dinner: pizza

Saturday, Oct 1
– lunch: chicken salad
– dinner: fish sticks, chips

Sunday, Oct 2
– lunch: chicken pot pie in crock pot
– dinner: leftovers, sandwiches, etc.

Monday, Oct 3
– lunch: leftovers
– dinner: Mexican night! Taco salad, beans, & rice

Tuesday, Oct 4
– lunch: leftovers, quesadillas for kids
– dinner: lasagna

Wednesday, Oct 5
– lunch: leftovers and/or cheese crackers, etc.
– dinner: chipotle chicken wraps, fruit & veggies or smoothies

Not impressive by any means, but I like simple. 😉 What are some good recipes you’ve tried lately and/or really enjoy? I’m always looking for new ideas, especially soup/stew since autumn is here! Please share in the comments!


One response to “Menu planning

  1. I wondered if you had a blog… and I finally discovered that you do! I’m excited to read your heart!

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