My Psalm

Our Pastor this morning gave us a “homework assignment” to write our own psalm based on who God is & what he has done in our lives & then to share it with others. Here it is.

My precious God, how I love you & long to show you more.

When no one is around & I am all alone, You are consistently here.

When I mourn, You comfort me.

You take my face in the palms of your hands & whisper “Not only do I love you, but I want you.”

You are so faithful to me, even in my least faithful times.

When I feel like I’m drowning, and there’s no way out, You are my hope & that is enough for me.

When others have shown no grace or compassion, you teach me that the only grace & compassion I need comes from you.

You never condemn, always convict; You lift me up & let me try yet again.

You are the perfect One on whom I can depend.

To those who will listen, I will tell of your unfailing love, unending grace, & Your desire to be with them forever.

I give you all the glory for I can do nothing apart from you.



8 responses to “My Psalm

  1. youngwindmill7

    Beautiful 🙂
    Love you!!

  2. WOW!!! This is so true and eloquent! I love you!

  3. So GOOD Ruth! Thankful for the words He gave you to share!!! 🙂

  4. lclcspecials

    Beautiful. And what a great idea!! I want to try this.

  5. Stephanie

    Simply beautiful! Thx for stepping up to this challenge and sharing your heart. ❤ You're inspiring me 2 get mine done. 😉

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