Come Back

Wow. Has it really been over a year since I have blogged?? I cannot believe it. I know blogging isn’t “as cool” nowadays, what with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, etc. The list goes on & on. But you know what? I’m planning on being on all of those less and less (even deactivated my FB and in 14 days it will be deleted! Am I crazy??). I just need a change. Everyone knows the “definition of insanity” – doing the same thing over & over & expecting different results. I have decided to do what I can do “get out of the same ole ruts” I’ve been in so I can live a life that is more how I want to live, and how I believe God wants me to live. Now, this isn’t saying the details are for everyone. Facebook isn’t a bad thing. What I mean by God wanting me to live is this. In FREEDOM. I am not living and walking in freedom by being addicted to FB and tied down to my phone all day. Ha. I want to breathe that breath of fresh air I’ve been so desperate to breathe. I think this is one step I need to take. Once again, to be clear, ME. Not anyone else. 🙂 Someone said I was strong for doing it. I see it as the opposite. I am weak. I cannot handle it in a responsible way so I have to get away from it. heh. Anyway… Enough about that.

A few weeks ago I was at my church and they were singing some songs. I don’t even remember the exact songs that were playing, but I began to pray instead of just sing. I began to pray for the people in the room that were struggling, had addictions, had issues that seemed too big for them, etc. God began to renew my passion for intercessory prayer & a desire to minister to those around me.  I had my arms raised kinda to the sides and God spoke to me that my wings had been broken, but being broken isn’t permanent. They are now healed. They are still weak & tender, but they are healed. I heard him tell me I am going to soar on wings like eagles. Now, the thing about eagles is they don’t work hard or depend only on themselves to fly. They spend a lot of time gliding, relying on the wind. In the same way, I just have to put my wings out & I will glide on Jesus. He will carry me. He is my wind. A lot of times I depend on myself for everything; I like to be in control. But this causes unnecessary stress. He wants me to do what I need to do but not worry about the things He is taking care of. What a relief! I will soar: I am meant for interceding. Even if *I* think I’m not good at it or not qualified. I am meant for ministering to those in need. They have not been forgotten & neither have I.

This was such a powerful moment for me. I have felt lost and weak for awhile now. I still don’t feel strong, or completely found what my theology is, but I am confident in Jesus. He speaks to me. He speaks to us!

I find it encouraging when people share what God has done in their lives or what He has shared with them. If you have something God has spoken to you or done in/through you recently & would like to share, feel free to do so & encourage others. If you’ve been discouraged lately, know this. God doesn’t forget us. We can be lost, lonely, depressed, angry, confused, or forgotten how to walk, fly, or soar… A myriad of things… and he doesn’t leave us or forget about us. I’m learning to not only walk again, but to fly. To soar. He wants you to soar too.

I love you, friends.


3 responses to “Come Back

  1. Love this! I’m proud of you and encouraged by how you’re *gliding* in God’s strength.

  2. Mom

    me too! So happy to know you as a person as well as my precious child.

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